What Shall I Transform You Into?

Gender play has been a passion of mine since my very beginning. Even before I started working as a professional dominatrix, I loved to dress my boyfriends up in skirts, or wear a suit and tie, with my hair tucked under my hat and flaunt my masculinity. Growing up in a small redneck town, this often resulted in beer bottles being thrown at my boyfriend and I. My first year at Fantasy Makers, someone gave me a copy of Macho Sluts. Not long after that I found a stash of Forced Womanhood magazines and my personal journey had begun. I was lucky to find a devoted slave – sissy sandra, who let me experiment on her and find my own special bend in sissification and emasculation.

As a feminist and a goddess, I’ve had a hard time figuring out why it turns me on to dress men up and treat them like women and call it humiliation. After all, being a woman is anything but humiliating. To me, when you are dressed in your sissy slut finest, you are a bimbo. A sex doll. You are not really a women, nor are you a man. (Obviously!) But a third gender there to present your body for other people’s pleasure. You simply take on a feminine appearance because most people find the feminine more sexually desirable. Yes, even straight women.

You’re simply more desirable in panties and lipstick.

But my transformation skills go so much further. Sometimes the transformation is wildly visible, but other times that transformation will be more subtle. Huge changes that only you and I will understand. Although I’m sure those close to you will notice that you have become a better person. Kinder. Able to communicate openly. Able to serve those they love and their community more fully.

Pink Posse

Meet the Pink Posse!

White Crown

I adore playing with gender. Dressing you and transforming you into a fun plaything is a joy. Whether it’s through coercion, hypnosis or sensual persuasion, the end result it always the same.

You in panties. Me with a huge grin on my face. What I do with you from there varies greatly, but transformation is always the same.

From boring and drab, to pretty and entertaining. At least to me.

But gender transformation is only one way in which I can make you a better person. My interest in sissification and crossdressing is a combination of two of my main types of play. Humiliation and Transformation. I’ve always been a chameleon.

Who shall I be? Who shall you be in return?

I have always had a never-ending urge to dress up and take on different roles. To transform myself into something new and different. New hairstyles, new cloths, new looks, new motives, new desires…

Why wouldn’t I want to transform you as well!

Zentai sex doll, puppy, butler, pony girl, diaper lover.. the list is endless. You know your bored with your current incarnation. Let me know when you are ready for a change.

I have a large collection of personal outfits, and quite a few ABDL and sissy outfits, but limited space to store multiple sizes. If there is something you are looking to wear, please let me know when you schedule your appointment.