Sun Salutations for Submissives

Sun Salutations for Sissy Sluts

Hello my lovely cocksuckers!

This is the beginning of a project that I have been working on for a while – Yoga for Submissives. Many of you ask, when we talk about goals for long term sub training, to have a fitness goal. I am a huge fan of yoga and what it can do for your body – strengthen, lengthen, increase flexibility and lower stress. And every time I am in class, listening to the instructor guide us through breathing and meditation practices and encouraging us to push ourselves into increasingly perverted shapes, I started to think of my sissy sluts, and how much I would LOVE to see some of you take yoga and increase your flexibility for MY amusement. After talking to other Mistresses and finding that they too would love fit flexible subs, I decided to see if there was an interest from you sluts. Are you all talk? Or ready for action?

These recordings are meant for all sissy subs, not just my Pink Posse of Sluts. This one in particular is meant to be part of a daily Goddess Worship ritual, preparing your mind and body to better serve. When you purchase this recording, you will also receive a printable poster (seen above) for your alter to FemDom to help you remember to do this practice daily.

I’m really excited about this project. I love the idea of giving submissives a way to connect with their goddess daily, as well as giving myself, and my dominant friends, flexible submissives who are able to spread wider and wiggle their hips better. Not to mention, a flexible neck will make it easier to go from sucking cock to licking balls with one quick toss of the hair.

Plus? With a more flexible back, maybe you could finally suck your own cock!


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