Suffer For Me

I am a sensual sadist. I love to feel your skin warm under my hand, either from a spanking, flogging, whipping, or… ? Even more than the act of actually hitting you, I enjoy, immensely, the act of making your wait for it. The anticipation fills me we glee equal to the panic I see in your eyes and hear in your voice. The more you panic, the more I want to lay into you, but also? The more I want to wait and let that panic build for my own pleasure.

But if you only think of suffering as pain, you are missing out on so many ways in which I can make you ache. What would you endure to please me?

Portland Dominatrix Connection

Suffer for Me

White Crown

~ Tease and Denial
~ Chastity and Orgasm Control
~ Over The Knee Spanking
~ Electrical Play
~ Impact Play
~ Total Power Exchange
~ Humiliation
~ Public Outing
~ Blackmail Games
~ Diaper Humiliation
~ Objectification
~ Mind Games
~ Physical Encasement and Restraint

If you don’t see your particular game listed, but have other ways you would like to suffer for me, do reach out.

I love to see what you will endure for the honor of pleasing me. While I’m a sadist, if pain is not your thing, I have a plenty of other ways to see you suffer. I love to take you further than you anticipated in whatever game we decide to play. Would you like to play some simple tease and denial games? I’m certain by the end of them you will understand true suffering. And not one bit of pain. Just a heavy weight in your balls reminding you of me.

After a few hours of mental suffering, you might just wish I would inflict physical suffering on you.