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White Crown
Portland Dominatrix Kitten With A Whip

While I have many implements of destruction at hand, my most destructive are my curvaceous body, my soft seductive voice and my wicked imagination.

I am the most experienced FemDom in Portland Oregon. As a professional dominatrix, I offer power exchange sessions to people of all gender expressions and identities. I strive to create a safe space, physically and emotionally for people new to BDSM to open up about fantasies. Once you start to relax into my capable care, I enjoy pushing limits, finding those dark places and watching you tremble in fear as they come to life. 

Kink for me is a heady mix of trust, escapism, consent, and empathy. I’m a maternal sadist who likes to push you up to your limits so you can see how far you can go. I do so love to see you push yourself to please me.

Trembling turns me on so. And you do want to turn me on, don’t you?

There are certain activities I enjoy, bondage, cross dressing, impact play and of course, role-play, but what really makes me love a scene is the person I’m playing with. I treasure open communication about desires and limits and a sense of humor about all else. 

Portland Dominatrix Natasha Strange

Connection is my kink.

Also puns.

White Crown
Silliness In The Dungeon

While I love to play with experienced players, I find a certain joy in guiding novices through their explorations. Should you be considering a visit with me and feeling unsure, I invite you to get to know me via a phone session on Niteflirt, or a meet and greet. A meet and greet consists of a coffee or tea date which lasts about 30-45 minutes during which we discuss our common goals. Think of it as a private munch. No play. No fetish wear. No power exchange. Just connecting on a personal level.

Connection is very important to me. I started playing in BDSM at a time when it was very difficult to find people and places to play. When we did find each other, the connections we built ran deep. Those are the connections I strive for. They allow trust to be built over time and soft limits to be explored.

When you are ready to begin your journey, reach out to me on my contact page. You will find protocol and rates there as well.

Distance Training


My clips store! I am not a huge content producer, but will be uploading the occasional video here. I also love to create sexy audio bedtime stories – occasionally with a scifi twist.


Shall we talk on the phone? Reach out and set up a time as I don’t have regular hours. I use Niteflirt calls for distance training of submissives as well as coaching women and couples.


I post clips and pictures from sessions as well as weird and wonderful photos from my 20+ years of Pro Domination. My plan is to cultivate this as a fun place to interact with fans in a more open way than I can on Instagram or Twitter.