Sex Scandal Prevention

Diaper Humiliation PDX

Several of you have mentioned missing my Sex Scandal Prevention site, so I’ve used my quarantine time to bring it back. Sex Scandal Prevention was started as a place to post my blackmail roleplay pictures and stories. During quarantine it’s proving a very fun way to play with consensual non-consent and public humiliation. Two of my favorite pastimes.

Photos go up – generally with a good portion of the identity hidden. Demands are made. When demands are met, the photos are taken down. Usually. If the demands are not met, a new version of the photo is released to the site – generally allowing a little bit more of the identity to show through. The general rule with the site are that as soon as the game is over, the images come down, although sometimes a few may be left up as a “warning” to others.

It never seems to scare you away though, does it.

The thrill of my having real life, tangible control over you can be intoxicating. Often, the demand or humiliating act I make you do isn’t as the fun bit. It’s that time in between when the photo (or other incriminating evidence) goes up and when I finally use my pull to force you into action.

It’s that deliciously dangerous time, waiting, knowing I have the info, knowing I will eventually use it, but not knowing when, how, or what you will be doing.

It’s the ultimate in loss of control. It’s mind fuckery at it’s finest.

Shall we play?

Disclaimer: I only do this kind of play with people who have requested it. As with all play, limits and interests are negotiated beforehand. Yes. I can negotiate this type of play and still fuck with your mind to the point where you will lay awake at night. I’m that good.

And let’s face it. You are weak when you are turned on. You make it easy for me.