Serve Me

Service is one of my love languages. I love knowing that I have you trained to attend to my needs even when I’m not there to oversee you. True service takes strength and humility that few truly possess.

Serve Me

Serve Me

White Crown

~ Household Chores
~ Technical
~ Errands
~ Yardwork
~ Travel Assistance
~ Financial Servitude
~ Disney
~ Shopping
~ Editing video
~ Graphic Design

What are your skills? What are you good at? Don’t simply say you want to serve, tell me HOW you want to serve.

I have no interest in your offers of sexual servitude. If that’s what service means to you I do believe you have missed the point.

My very first service submissive, sissy syndi, wrote javascript programs for me so I could have little kinky games on my site. She was a programmer and knew that I was nerdy enough to love power dynamic tech games so wrote one for me as a gift. She didn’t bother me with details beforehand. She didn’t expect me to provide her with images, content or direction for her project. She gathered what she needed knowing that if I liked the idea we could take photos and build on it together. I loved it and we went on to create several more together.

I also still fondly think of sissy syndi being trapped in the bathroom at the gym. She started thinking about vacuuming the dungeon and got an erection that wouldn’t go away. THAT is a true service submissive.

Self Examination is the Key to True Service

Service is about finding the needs that I have and matching them with the skills you have. Offering to work on my website if I teach you WordPress will not impress me. I have no interest in teaching you a new skill. There are plenty of places to learn those skills. Learning as skill you know I need and then offering that skill to me shows initiative. Suck at graphic design but know I need something done? That will simply frustrate me as I see the less than impressive results. This won’t result in a fun punishment. It will simply result in me distancing myself from you as you’ve broken my trust.

In service play, as with all BDSM, trust is the most important thing I can place in you. Difficult to earn, it’s delicate and easily broken. The most precious of jewels.

In the past, serving me has meant running errands, helping create content, food service, cleaning, shopping, and simply offering your body up for tribute when I need a demo bottom. Yes. Even if it means enduring play that you don’t exactly enjoy. If you are truly service oriented, you will enjoy it because you enjoy serving ME.

Knowing you made ME happy is the most important part of your play. THAT is the mark of a true service slut.

The first step to service submission is to earn my trust. Start by getting to know me as a paying submissive. Service submission is not code for “free play.” Service submissives are not void of their own interests. They can also be driven by a desire for bondage, slut training or other games. Most well rounded players have multiple goals and needs. Earning my trust as a bondage, or other bottom paves your way to entering a deeper, more meaningful stage of our relationship – servitude.