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Some of these are quotes are attributed to ‘Mona Darling’ the name I used while doing BDSM coaching from 2010-2018 when I was semi-retired from seeing new clients. If you are a journalist looking for a quote, feel free to reach out. I’m always interested in normalizing kink and sex work.

New Now Next – Sex Industry Professionals Are Being Denied COVID-19 Relief Funds

New Now Next – Meet the Medical Fetishists Supplying Hospitals With Masks and Scrubs

Business InsiderThe smear alleging Elizabeth Warren is a cougar who engages in BDSM is a classic sex and power-shaming tactic

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Playboy – The Appeal of the Dirty Weekend

ViceWhat Do Dominatrixes Do on Their Days Off?

Vice – Inside the Sweet, Sticky World of Cake Sitting

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books – Intimacy, Trust, and Consent: An Interview with Mona Darling, Kink Coach and Pro Domme

Sex Gets RealFormer pro dominatrix Mona Darling on kink, pet play, & orgasm control

KinklyA Day In the Life of a Professional Dominatrix

Feminist Personal Growth PodcastWomen’s Kinky Sex Coach on Your Inner Dominatrix, Sex Work & Sex Positivity

Girl Boner –  Bizarre Turn-Ons with Dominatrix Mona Darling

Girl Boner – When You Prefer Quickies and Your Guy Takes His Time

YoTango – 10 Steps To Having OMG Oral Sex

Big Little Podcast – Personal Interview with Emphasis on Age Play

Blunt In The BedroomBook Review: Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls by Mona Darling

In Print

Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls: A BDSM Activity Book for Beginners First released in 2018 as Mona Darling.

Embraceable: Empowering Facts and True Stories About Women’s Sexuality by August McLaughlin

Glitter: Real Stories From Real Women About Sexual Desire

Objects of Desire: A Showcase of Modern Erotic Products and the Creative Minds Behind Them

The Consent Guidebook: A Practical Approach to Consensual, Respectful, and Enthusiastic Interactions