Professional Domination in the Time of Covid

First let me start of by saying, I miss you! I miss having you at my feet. I miss your warm flesh trembling under my hands. I miss the rush from feeding off your desires, making them come to life, and tormenting you with them. I miss the physical, mental and kinky interactions. I am available to coaching and catch up calls, and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. But nothing comes close to the physical.

I’m starting to look at what my professional sessions will look like in the future. Some of that will be strictly safety oriented – fewer appointments with new submissives, masks, stricter cleaning protocols, touchless temperature taking at the door, me standing over you making you slowly count to 20 while you wash your hands after stripping at the door.

Yes. I can fetishize anything.

Part of my moving forward will be changing HOW I will be offering sessions. Part of what I have missed is the connection. Your mental submission. Our unique connection and interactions. I’ve always aimed for quality in connection over quantity of clients, and these days that is even more important to me. This will probably mean more outdoor sessions while the weather allows.

  • Me on my electric bike peddling effortlessly, you jogging along beside me struggling to keep up. Stopping eventually to have tea at a proper social distance.
  • Or perhaps just getting together for tea, without the physical torment. You plugged, pantied, and of course – caged. Me wearing your key around my neck.
  • Walks and kinky talks along the river.
  • Box lunches in the park. Me sitting across from you micromanaging your every bite.

I love real world submission and have often practiced these public games with those I especially enjoy. Now may be the time to widen those creative booking opportunities. While this would never fully replace playing in Sub Rosa, it is meant to offer both myself and my submissives alternatives to catching up on the phone while still being safe.

I’ve done a lot of talking to other Domina’s about what they will be doing to feel safe. I would love to hear from clients, both my regular submissives, as well as prospective newbies about what you would need to feel safe. What can you do to make your Domina feel safe seeing you?