Tease, Denial, and Riding the Edge

“BRINK!” He exclaims loudly, pulling his hands back from his crotch where they had, moments before, been stroking furiously. Before the word has cleared the air, his hands are back at their job.

“BRINK!!” He says again, almost immediately after resuming his all important task.

The entire time, his eyes are closed and his face is pressed into the bottom of my stockinged foot. I could be reading a book for all he knows.

Sometimes, out of sheer boredom, I do take a peek at my msgs on my phone.

The only other sound in the dungeon for nearly the entire time he is at my feet is the soft music playing in the background and the sound of my counting each and every one of his “BRINK’s!” During our two hours together, there will be more then a hundred.

Yes – as in, about one a minute.  I’m continually amazed at his endurance.

He books two weeks in advance and I assign him a different number for each of the days before our appointment. He must bring himself to the edge that many times each day. Sometimes they are very low numbers. Anything less then a 5 is EXTREMELY frustrating for an edger, so I love to throw a couple 1’s and 2’s in there. And of course, a couple 40’s or 50’s for real sport. No orgasm is allowed during this time, and as a true fetishist, in preparation for this two week period, he’s usually already gone two or even three weeks with out orgasm.

And at the end of our time together, he will not be allowed to orgasm.  He would probably be physically unable at that point anyway.  Generally towards the end of the session the BRINK! is starting to come slower and slower as exhaustion sets in and his brain finally catches on and decides it doesn’t want to play anymore. Occasionally his erection will even subside – not that that will stop his furious stroking. Even if it did, I would demand he continue. He will be sent home to edge a couple more days before he is finally allowed to release.

What’s your favorite part of Sex? Orgasm? Really? Think about it….

The moment right before you orgasm, you are thinking; “OMFG I’m Gonna Cum!” There’s all the excitement of leaving on any fun exciting adventure. Adrenaline rushes. Blood starts to flow. All your cares in the world are forgotten.

When you are actually cumming, you are moments from the bittersweet end.

Also? When you orgasm, especially men, it’s Game Over. But you can ride that edge… again, and again… and again.. and? Again.

Of course the benefit to me, is that the more wound up you get, the more over taken with desire, and the the end to cum burns within you – and the more I refuse it, the more docile and obedient you will get. The more eager to please. And I do so love it when you are eager to please.

Do you want to please me?