Orgasm Games

Orgasm games are one of my favorite topics, because it doesn’t matter what else you are into, from role play, to edge play, orgasm games can make it hotter.

Orgasm games include activities like tease and denial, edging, chastity as well as ruined orgasms. Tease and denial is exactly what it sounds like. Teasing your partner, denying them, teasing them some more. Chastity is controlling when your partner has access to their genitals, either through the use of rules, trust and self restraint, or through the use of chastity devices. Edging is taking yourself, or your partner, to the brink of orgasm, and backing off again. Edging can last all afternoon, or even span over a couple of days, building up intensity over time with each brink.

Ruining your partners orgasm, gives the person who is teasing, even more control to leverage, because it’s not as simple as yes, you can come, or no you can’t. Ruined orgasms mean the person who is doing the teasing can let the teasee think they are going to FINALLY get to come, then stopping the stimulation just as the orgasm begins.

Yes. That is evil. But it does keep an eager bottom on their toes.

If someone has their orgasm ruined, they tend to lose the ability, but not the urge, to orgasm. It can lead to some frustration, but means they are ready to play again sooner then if you let them orgasm, and they retain a lot of the eagerness built up through tease and denial and edging before their ruined orgasm. Once you ruin it once, they will forever be worried, and even more grateful when you do allow them to come.

I call that a win/win, but I’m an evil succubi. 

All of these games can be combined into a stroke, or wank schedule, where you assign your partner edging and other masturbation games when you can’t be with them in person, or leading up to a big night out.

This can be great for married couples who might have a weekend away from the kids coming up. Planning where you are going to have a kid free dinner is fun, but planning stroke games for each other to play in the shower every morning leading up to the night out will give you something to talk about at that dinner besides the kids. To make that dinner out even more entertaining, check into the hotel, tease and deny each other in the strange new bed, then head out to dinner with your libido abuzz. That just might send you back to the hotel to rip each other cloths off like newly weds before desert. If you are going to do something like this, each person needs to make sure the other has time to complete their assignment. Make a special effort to take the kids while your partner completes their assignment in peace. You will appreciate it later, I promise.

Examples of wank games:

Pull a random card. Each suit represents a different sex toy or activity. The number on the card represents how many minutes you get to do that activity. Jacks mean pull again and double the number. Queens means they can have an orgasm. King means no play time at all. Adjust for you interests etc. Protip: Take the Queens out of the deck without the teasee knowing.

Roll two dice. The first die represents an activity, nipple clamps, butt plug, etc. The second represents how many times they have to brink. I’ve played this with a six sided die for the activity, and a 50 (or higher!) sided die for the number of brinks.

And of course, games like strip poker can be twisted for a fun little D/s play. The first person naked gets a spanking? Or maybe you can keep playing and the first person naked has to wear nipple clamps, then a gag, then a butt plug.

If you want to keep things simple, use the count down method. If date night is 7 days away, have your partner brink 7 times the first day, 6 times the second, 5 the third and so on until they are edging once the day before. For a little extra torment, time it so the day before the big event, they don’t get to brink at all.

Orgasm games create and amazing feedback loop of communication and erotic energy. All of these games stir the sexual pot, while taking the attention off traditional penis in vagina sex. They help bring a sense of playfulness into the bedroom, and aid in communication as each partner learns to talk about what turns them one. And the more turned on you get, the easier it is to talk about what turns you on.

Now go invest in some pretty, pretty dice and a new deck of cards!