My Toy Doll

Using hypnosis to turn you into my plaything

What girl doesn’t love a doll? Especially her very own sex doll. Bendable. Posable. Able to be put it in all KINDS of sexy predicaments. Especially when that silly little head is emptied of all superfluous thoughts and the only thing it can think is the obey and please it’s Mistress.

I find hypnosis is a wonderful tool in the dungeon. It helps my masochists relax and lean into their pain, my sissies relax and embrace their new station, and my novices relax and let their fantasies out.

Sometimes hypnosis is formal. I tell you to get comfortable and relax. You know it’s coming. You are able to fight it, or relax into it. I have a Nova Pro which uses lights and sounds to immediately take you into a place of relaxed suggestibility. It’s here where I could start using that power to help you stop smoking. Instead I use that power for my gain.

To turn you into my plaything.

Sometimes I prefer to use my voice to relax you, to help you enter that suggestable state without a formal beginning. I simply slow down, lower the timbre of my voice and soon you will find yourself agreeing with my desires.

A few notes about hypnosis.

I can’t make you do anything you wouldn’t already be inclined to do. I can’t make you empty your bank account, become my obedient dog, or my cum hungry sex doll. BUT, I can make it so much easier for you to do those things if they were things you were already predisposed to do.

I’ve been doing erotic hypnosis and erotic guided visualization for about 15 years. I started by taking private classes from the amazing Ms Sybil Holiday, a well known professional dominant and clinical hypnotherapist in San Francisco. After our first meeting, she told me I could be dangerous if I wanted to. My voice hits naturally effects some people the same way ASMR does.

And how could I say no to that? Of COURSE I had to learn more.

If you have finished enjoying the video above and are ready to become my toy, purchase the audio version on Niteflirt and the video version on I Want Clips.