Learn about Kink and BDSM

I am a public speaker and BDSM Mentor. I teach classes and offer private BDSM coaching. Most of the people I work with are femmes and couples, but I’m open to working with anyone regardless of their gender or relationship status if they are interested in learning more about BDSM and kink.

Portland Dominatrix Natasha Strange

What does kink mean to you?

I love to help people find their kinky why.

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My WHY as a BDSM Mentor

After I had my daughter I started a blog to document the weirdness of parenting a small creature who methodically violated every hard limit I had set while working as a professional dominatrix. I had expected the other moms to alienate me. Instead women reaching out to talk about their experiences with kink or ask how to start exploring. With the internet, I had assumed that most people were exposed to kink and just googled what they were interested in. I was blissfully unaware of how difficult it is to find solid fact based kink info on the internet.

My coaching business grew quickly and soon included a weekly show on O.school. In 2018 I published Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls a BDSM primer featuring coloring pages and puzzles as well as solid information based on my experiences. I wanted to create a book that made exploring BDSM fun for those who are new to kink, but also addressed certain  femme-centric concerns like body image and slut shaming. Also in 2018, I opened Sub Rosa, Portland Oregon’s premier kink space dedicated to learning, exploring and photographing kink. 

Kink Education at Sub Rosa

The educational goal of Sub Rosa is to create an approachable space to teach BDSM as well as adult sexual pleasure and health. I like our classes to have a touch of escapism to them and a lot of thought has gone into creating the teaching environment. You are welcomed to a cozy dungeon, offered tea and cookies. We offer custom notebooks for note taking. We encourage sharing in most of our classes. We understand that learning from others experiences is paramount, not only for learning skills, but for learning empathy which is a key skill in BDSM. Most classes are open to anyone regardless of gender, relationship status or which side of the Ds dynamic you prefer. We often welcome single femmes into our classes.

FemDom Bootcamp is the exception. That class is open to singles, couples or triads, as long as the femme is the dominant – at least in class.

Classes I teach

  • FemDom Bootcamp (co-taught with Mistress Viola) New Hot Topic Each Month!
  • How to Give a Mind Blowing OTK Spanking
  • Sissification of the Wayward Male
  • Intro To Kink based on Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls
  • Orgasm Control, Chastity, Tease and Denial
  • Pro-Tips for Aspiring Pro Dommes (co-taught with Mistress Viola)
  • Come Correct: How to Approach, Serve & Dazzle Dominant Femmes (co-taught with Mistress Viola)
  • Kinky Contracts: Negotiating for the Weekend or Beyond
  • Flip the Script: Intro to FemDom (co-taught with Mistress Viola)
  • Geni-torment for Genitals of all Persuasions
  • Pervertables: Kinky Uses for Everyday Items

Not seeing something you would like to learn? Ask!

Private BDSM Coaching

Portland Dominatrix and BDSM Educator Natasha Strange

Spreading the gospel of BDSM is my jam.

I offer coaching to women and couples who are looking to explore their kinky inclinations. Most coaching sessions take place in Sub Rosa, my lux fetish space not far from downtown Portland Oregon. We start with a cup of tea and a tour of my space and any equipment you are curious about.

If there is a class from the above list that peaks your interest, we can start there. Or we can start somewhere else entirely. I also often work with couples who are trying to find common ground, or take their relationship further. Your first step would be to fill out the application on my contact page. Each person attending our coaching session must fill out an application.

Should you want to meet me in person first, consider attending a class at Sub Rosa, or scheduling a meet and greet. Meet and greets are 30-45 minute coffee dates where we can get to know each other.

I have a special niteflirt line that is for women and couples who would like to chat about their interests. I don’t have regular hours so please reach out if you would like to schedule something there. This is an easy option for those who just want to talk for a couple minutes or aren’t sure they want to commit to a full coaching session.

Call Button

I also occasionally offer video coaching sessions from Sub Rosa so you can see toys and equipment as we talk about them. Those are booked much like a regular in person coaching session where everyone who will be involved must fill out an application.

Group Training

I’m also available for groups of women who might be celebrating a birthday, hen party or other gathering who would like to learn some kinky sex tips. Those can be virtual or in person at Sub Rosa and will incur a slightly increased tribute.

If you are interested in contacting me, or learning my rates, visit my contact page.