Hypnosis. Submission. Control.

You are laying back, listening to my voice. It’s soft, and sensual. It’s telling you to relax. You can’t help by obey. You feel your body sinking, getting heavier. My voice seems further away, yet invasive at the same time. The words run together in a silky suggestive tone and you feel yourself slipping away.

As you wake, you hear me counting, “Four…. three…. two… “

You are incredibly relaxed and a little unsure of how long you’ve been away. You remember the words “silly…. little… sissy…” wrapping around your brain, penetrating it and feel the urge to wiggle your hips.

Silly little sissy…

You pull yourself up on your heels and follow me into the dungeon studying the way I walk, wishing you could more properly emulate my sensual stride. You can’t stop yourself from glancing in the mirror as you walk passed and resist the urge to fix your lipstick.

Sweet  little sissy…

You don’t have to worry about your lipstick, as Mistress forces you on your knees, leans over you, cleavage dangerously close to your face and applies another layer to your lips, making them glisten in the low light of the dungeon.

Slutty little sissy…

She wants to make sure she can see exactly where your lips have been, she says as she guides your mouth to her rather large strap-on. You lick it greedily as that voice, Her voice, continues in your head.

Slutty, cock hungry little sissy. That’s all you can think of, it’s it? 

And strangely, it is.