Husband Training Through Hypnosis

I have always felt that erotic hypnosis was a powerful tool when dealing with sissies. I love to have this sound track running in the background during live sessions and watch as your will melt and my sweet little cocksuckers become eager, pliable little toys.

Because let’s face it. You are just more desirable in panties and lipstick. Sometimes it can be difficult to take that first step to becoming the object of my desire. Listening to my sultry voice guide you into that space can help. You do want me to desire you, don’t you? You want me to look at you with lust in my eyes again. The only way that’s going to happen is if you follow my direction carefully. Learn to put on your cock sucking red lipstick. Learn to wiggle that butt. Learn to walk in heels. LEARN TO SUCK COCK.

This hypnosis recording will help you empty your mind of all those pent up, frustrating (for all of us) male tendencies.

Once you are blank little cum hungry slate, I will mold you to my will. A little cuckolding, some cock sucking, a few make-up lessons and we are on our way to having a truly wonderful relationship.

And you do want to have a long lasting, intimate relationship with me, aren’t you. Not intimate sexually! You aren’t worth that. Intimate in that way in which I would look down at my adoring dog.

Whether you are training to become my cuckold sissy, or just cock hungry in general, hypnosis is a wonderful place to start to put you into the proper, pliable mindset.

Good little whore. Buy it. Listen to it all night on repeat.

You know you want to…

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