Gifts and service are my love languages. Gifts let me know that you are thinking of me even when you are not at my feet. Service? Who wouldn’t want a bevvie of pink clad sissies taking care of their every whim? While I do try to keep my Amazon wishlist up to date, there are several local companies* that I love to support and gift certificates from them are always appreciated.

“Give, but give until it hurts.”
― Mother Teresa

Loyly (local) My favorite place to soak and enjoy a massage or facial.

Sock Dreams (local) A fetish I didn’t fully understand until I moved to the PNW. Soft, warm, thigh high socks.

TOV Coffee (local) I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but when I do, this is where I go. The Minty Things helped me weather the pandemic.

Alaska Airlines or Southwest miles or gift certificates for my domestic travel needs.

Etsy. I find often find vintage lingerie there, as well as beautiful custom jewelry. Two things I can’t get enough of.

Mr S My favorite place to purchase leather and fetish items. Gift certificates from Mr S are ALWAYS appreciated.

Leathererotics. I adore leather and have a couple pieces that I have my eye on here.

Lux Leather This is my favorite place for bespoke leatherwear. Gift tokens always appreciated.

Vintage is my fetish. I mean. Leather is my fetish, but my OTHER fetish is vintage. Micheline Pitt, Oblong Box and Pin Up Girl Clothing are where I indulge.

Fetish Items I Covet

ErosTek 312b While I have the 232 and the 302 and enjoy them immensely, I crave a bigger, stronger box that would pair with my Nova Pro.

Speaking of my Nova Pro, I would really love to own the Color Track Pro glasses to take your training even further down the rabbit hole.

Leather Victorian Overcoat from Leathererotics. I’m long overdue for a new leather coat and I LOVE the lines of this one.