FAQ about Visiting a Pro Domme / BDSM Coach

Serve Me. Obey Me. Love Me. Learn From Me.

What if you don’t know exactly what you want?

Don’t worry. I know the questions to ask.

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Silliness In The Dungeon

Do you see novices?

Of course! Everyone starts as a novice at some point. As long as you are able to clearly communicate your interests and limits as you know them, we will be fine. I understand that having not played before you might not be fully aware of what you really enjoy – and that’s fine. All journey’s in BDSM involve exploring your limits – which many times will mean bumping up against them.

What if I don’t know exactly what I want?

Not everyone who comes to me knows exactly what they want. Sometimes they know what they fantasize about, but they are not sure what it’s like to actually participate in those activities. My role, whether you visit me for coaching or submission, is to help you figure out what you are curious about exploring.

What are your rates?

Current rates for coaching, teaching, and power exchange sessions can always be found on my contact page.

What if I don’t like pain?

I’m often asked if accepting pain is a required to submit to me. While I am a sadist, and do enjoy dishing out pain, I am a consensual sadist who only truly enjoys it when both of use are enjoying it. There are lots of other games that I enjoy, chastity, humiliation, bondage, role-play to name a few, that don’t involve pain.

What is the age limit?

I do not see anyone younger than 21, and I’ve yet to see anyone older then 90.

Can I surprise my partner with an appointment with you?

No. You can surprise them with a gift certificate to an appointment with me. In my experience, surprising someone with a kink experience rarely goes the way you fantasize it will. Kink requires communication. Save the surprises for post negotiation.

What is the difference between coaching and playing. 

Playing involves fancy outfits and power exchange. Coaching involves note taking and yoga pants.

Will I get a safe word? What if I don’t want to play with a safe word? 

Everyone I play with gets a safe word. “Yellow” to slow things down. “Red” to stop them. You are free to not use your safeword, but you will have one.

What if I don’t have references?

I often see people who have never seen a sex worker before and can’t offer references. If you can’t offer professional references I may ask to see you fetlife profile or to do a phone session before we meet.

Can I be your personal slave? 

Probably not. I adore service. It’s one of my love languages. But most often I get this question from people who have not shown me their ability to serve. I get this question most often from strangers on the internet that think “personal slave” means I will play with them for free. Sometimes they think it means they will live with me and I’ll play with them for free. This is 1000% incorrect.

If you have been seeing me for a while, and we seem to have a good repore, AND you see a place where you can offer value, THEN you can ask to be my personal slave. And most likely you will still need to pay me as this is what I do for a living. While I love service, my banker only accepts cash.

What if I run into you outside the dungeon?

We ignore each other. Unless we are at a fetish event in which I invite you to come say hello to me. I will not approach you.

I’m coming from out of town. Where should I stay? 

My space is located in the inner SE not far from the Burnside Bridge. I generally recommend people stay at The Jupiter which is a short walk away. My fetish space, Sub Rosa, is also not far from downtown, where many major hotel chains reside if that is more your speed.

Can I fly you to me? 

Yes! Usually those work best if you get to know me beforehand via phone training. If you are interested in having me in your city, and unable to sponsor the entire trip, it is possible to connect me with your local dungeon owner and arrange for me to be a guest Mistress.

If you don’t see your question answered here, reach out to me through my contact page and ask.