The Changing Room: An Diaper Play Webinar

The Changing Room: An ABDL Webinar

While bondage and spanking received a huge boost in mainstream appeal from 50 Shades, diaper play remains a fetish seeped in shame.

I’ve been playing with age and diaper play since nearly the beginning of my 25+ femdom journey when I found myself babysitting for another Pro Domme’s ABDL client. I’m not sure, had I not had that experience, that I would have ventured into age play as I had some flawed assumptions about ABDL play. Despite getting into some pretty weird traditional play, ABDL just seemed like.. too much. Too weird. Among the leather crowd there was a hierarchy. Bondage and pain are at the top, ABDL is at the bottom, just under cross dressing.

Thing is, while I love the more traditional aspects of BDSM, I also love the weird stuff.

I’ve found diaper play fulfills my maternal dominant side, as well as my twisted mind fuckery dominant side as well. I’ve also loved providing a safe place for people to share their interest in diapers. Because so often, those people feel like they are the only one. A lost lonely soul with THAT weird fetish. In reality, there are many people interested in diaper play, but no one is talking about it. Not even with their kinky friends.

Thursday I will be joining forces for a visit to The Changing Room, Diaper Play Webinar with Mistress Evilyne of London. The two of us will discuss our interests in diaper play, and share a few fun stories. Attendees are invited to share theirs in the chat. Towards the end, if you have an outfit to show off, you will be invited to raise your hand and join Mistress Evilyne and I on screen.

Of course if you want to stay in the chat, we totally understand.

The goal of the webinar is to start a conversation about diaper and age play and the webinar will have a conversational tone. FemDoms who are interested in learning more about diaper play are invited to join, as well as those who enjoy wearing diapers.

There will also be a special appearance and performance by Baby Buttons who is co-author of my new book: D is for Diaper Humiliation. Because yes. I love diaper humiliation so much, I made my baby write a book about it.