D is for Diaper Humiliation

Baby Buttons and I made a book! It’s a fun little alphabet book for adult babies who enjoy a little humiliation with their diaper play. I would love to see pictures of it out in the wild! If you get a copy, please post to twitter so I can see!

I’m a HUGE fan of diaper play and while I do enjoy the dominant maternal side of things occasionally, I really enjoy the humiliation of it all. And in that way, Baby Buttons gets me. Or more likely, I get him. Forever and ever as it turns out, because I have all the originals photos that the book is based on.

Remember our trip to Disneyland? My dream is to return to Disneyland someday with this book. I would love to read it to him on one of the benches in the quiet area near The Grand Californian. I would imagine a day in Disney with their Mommy Domme would be dreamy, but a day in Disney, getting read a book about diaper humiliation in which you are the star? Dreams don’t get any bigger than that!

Even when people are fairly open about their kinks when it’s leather/latex/bondage or one of the more traditional kinks, they are quiet about enjoying ABDL. Here in Portland, Oregon where people let their freak flag fly quite openly, they will downplay the ABDL play. It’s usually only when they talk to me on their own that they will mention their interest in diapers or age play.

I feel like 50 Shades of Grey made it ok for everyone to talk about kink, even if the conversation just started out talking about how badly written That Book was. Diaper play and ABDL did not benefit from that social boost and still holds a lot of stigma, and that’s a shame.

For some people, being able to regress to a younger, more helpless age is the ultimate submission. Using the toilet is one of the first things we learn as a child. We are rewarded, punished, humiliated for our ability to control that bodily functions by the very first person of power in our lives. It’s natural to want to return to that state, even if your can’t consciously remember that time in your life.

And for someone like me who loves humiliation and predicament play, what’s would keep you more on edge then worrying if you diaper will leak. Or if someone will hear that subtle crinkle when you walk? Or smell it? Or notice that bulge? The possibilities are endless, if you can get past the internalized shame to enjoy the consensual humiliation.

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