Brinking Bitchboys

Brinking Bitchboys

There is a new reality. A reality in which men are hunted. Not for their flesh or for their tech skills, but for their orgasms. Women have learned that they can intensify their own orgasms if they steal pleasure from a man, letting him get to the very edge of orgasm, then preventing it and stealing the the pleasure for themselves, leaving the men frustrated, drained and submissive. Men hide in fear of being captured and kept for their special resource. They are called Brinkers. The top Brinkers are cherished. They will have a private room of their own in the Brinkers quarters. A handsome well trained Brinker is often put on display or loaned out.

Once captured, a Brinkers intensive tease and denial training begins. They are fitted with a chastity device complete with an electronic lock. The only way to unlock it is to sit in the Brinkers chair. The Brinkers Chair resembles a birthing chair with restraints on each side for their for wrists and thighs, exposing their swollen cocks.

Once locked into place, the chastity cage is replaced with custom fitted tube that slides over the erect cock. It’s warm, soft and wet like a hungry mouth. A vibration starts inside the tube, running from the tip to the base, and back again. It varies for each Brinker, getting to know the rhythm and pressure that will bring them nearly to the edge the quickest.  There are special sensors that can tell when the Brinker is getting close, and shuts down, applying firm, sometimes painful pressure to the head of the cock in order to stop the orgasm at precisely the right time to bring the most pleasure to the women who own him, their friends, and lovers. This process will be repeated multiple times until the women have had their fill.

At parties, women will display their most cherished Brinkers, or lock them in their Brinkers Chair in the center of the party to let their friends feel the blissfully addictive sensations of a Brinkers ruined orgasm washing over them.

To properly train a Brinker, first they must be broken. This starts with a long period of denial. They are locked away in a trainers device that causes any physical sexual arousal to be, if not impossible, then painful. The soft moans of women having sex is piped in spastically at night. During the day, screens in each room show a variety of different pornographic images and videos. While most prospective Brinkers break within a week, some make it as much as a month or more before they are begging for release.

Once they reach that point, the next level of their training begins.

Sissy maid training. The pink frilly maids uniform, unlike the coveted black and white maids uniform, is a sign that the Brinker has yet to prove his worth. They are the ones that must set up for, and clean up after the orgies, as well as be on hand to distribute lube and sex toys to the women who need them. Sissy maids have no physical contact with the women who own them and are not allowed to speak unless directed. Every Brinker stays at sissy maid status a minimum of six months. This stage helps them learn to properly take care of their Mistress and understand the inner workings of her home. If a Brinker excels as a Sissy maid, they are promoted to full maid status. This includes the formal black and white uniform and more intimate obligations, including bathing and dressing the mistress, as well as cleaning and maintenance of her personal collection of vibrators and sex toys. Maids are not used as Brinkers, but rewarded with an orgasm every month.

After completing sissy maid training, Brinkers are promoted to Bitch Boy. Bitch Boys are used as bottoms anytime one is needed, be it by another Brinker who is putting on a show for his Mistress, or by the Mistress herself should she so desire. Bitch Boys are signified by the gem encrusted plug that they are to wear any time they are out among the general population. Bitch boys are often used as human tables to hold safer sex supplies, hors-d’oeuvre or cocktails during parties.

When a Bitch Boy is exceptionally good at his job, exhibiting exceptionally hungry fuck holes, he is left at Bitch Boy status and given a new plug attached to a jeweled cock cage to wear to signify his special talents. He will still be used as a Brinker, but not nearly as often.

A prospective Brinker who fights it, who never makes it to Sissy Maid Status is sometimes the most fun of all. Women know that all they need to do is continue to deny them, and that eventually they will give in.  It’s not unheard of for a Prospective Brinker to be teased daily and not given any release at all for months on end.  By the time the prospective Brinker is begging to be put to work in his destined vocation, he must start earning his status as a Brinker and prove that their dedication.This means spending twice as much time as a Sissy Maid to fully emasculate him as well as a public spanking.

Most Prospective Brinkers realize, that once captured, that the life of a Brinker is not as horrible as they had feared. They are treated as prized pets and as long as they behave, and make their Mistress happy, life is different, but very good.

This story, read by Yours Truly is now available as an audio file through NiteFlirts.

Also featured in the above photos is Miss Evangeline Grey and Miss Penny Barber.