Husband Training Through Hypnosis

Husband Training

I have always felt that erotic hypnosis was a powerful tool when dealing with sissies. I love to have this sound track running in the background during live sessions and watch as your will melt and my sweet little cocksuckers become eager, pliable little toys.

Because let’s face it. You are just more desirable in panties and lipstick. Sometimes it can be difficult to take that first step to becoming the object of my desire. Listening to my sultry voice guide you into that space can help. You do want me to desire you, don’t you? You want me to look at you with lust in my eyes again. The only way that’s going to happen is if you follow my direction carefully. Learn to put on your cock sucking red lipstick. Learn to wiggle that butt. Learn to walk in heels. LEARN TO SUCK COCK.

This hypnosis recording will help you empty your mind of all those pent up, frustrating (for all of us) male tendencies.

Once you are blank little cum hungry slate, I will mold you to my will. A little cuckolding, some cock sucking, a few make-up lessons and we are on our way to having a truly wonderful relationship.

And you do want to have a long lasting, intimate relationship with me, aren’t you. Not intimate sexually! You aren’t worth that. Intimate in that way in which I would look down at my adoring dog.

Whether you are training to become my cuckold sissy, or just cock hungry in general, hypnosis is a wonderful place to start to put you into the proper, pliable mindset.

Good little whore. Buy it. Listen to it all night on repeat.

You know you want to…

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Kinky Audio Stories on OnlyFans

Captured by Catwoman
Captured by Catwoman

Of all the places I pictured myself in 2020, OnlyFans was NOT one of them. But I also did not picture myself shutting Sub Rosa down and spending months on end locked in my house.

I keep thinking about filming clips, and have done a few, but it’s not something I enjoy. Not that I won’t post a few occasionally. I do have a Star Trek uniform as well as a Wonder Woman outfit that need to be shown off. Most of these will eventually find their way to Niteflirts and I Want Clips, but OnlyFans makes it so very easy to upload audio that there will always be fun little clips there exclusively.

The Alien Breeding Program
The Alien Breeding Program

OnlyFans is also my prefered way to chat with fans as well as current and prospective clients – and they make it easy for you to tip me should you wish. PROTIP! I will record requests from people on my OnlyFans. The weirder, the better. As much as I love creating traditional JOI/ chastity/ crossdressing content, I love weird SciFi even more. Kidnapped by aliens? Abducted by Catwoman? A land where women can steal men’s orgasms? I’M ALL IN.

And of course there will be hypnosis and mind control audios and videos.

Cuckolded by your wife and secretary
Cuckolded by your wife and secretary

I will be able to finally share naughtier images from sessions, when and if they resume. I’ve taken SO MANY amazing CBT and bondage and crossdressing photos that I could never share on Instagram or Twitter, so pretty much have to keep to myself. I may share photos from the past 25 years with stories or the weird adventures I’ve taken.

Truthfully. I’m not sure what my OnlyFans will morph into. Why not join me and find out?

Crawl across my lap...
Crawl across my lap…

Professional Domination in the Time of Covid

First let me start of by saying, I miss you! I miss having you at my feet. I miss your warm flesh trembling under my hands. I miss the rush from feeding off your desires, making them come to life, and tormenting you with them. I miss the physical, mental and kinky interactions. I am available to coaching and catch up calls, and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. But nothing comes close to the physical.

I’m starting to look at what my professional sessions will look like in the future. Some of that will be strictly safety oriented – fewer appointments with new submissives, masks, stricter cleaning protocols, touchless temperature taking at the door, me standing over you making you slowly count to 20 while you wash your hands after stripping at the door.

Yes. I can fetishize anything.

Part of my moving forward will be changing HOW I will be offering sessions. Part of what I have missed is the connection. Your mental submission. Our unique connection and interactions. I’ve always aimed for quality in connection over quantity of clients, and these days that is even more important to me. This will probably mean more outdoor sessions while the weather allows.

  • Me on my electric bike peddling effortlessly, you jogging along beside me struggling to keep up. Stopping eventually to have tea at a proper social distance.
  • Or perhaps just getting together for tea, without the physical torment. You plugged, pantied, and of course – caged. Me wearing your key around my neck.
  • Walks and kinky talks along the river.
  • Box lunches in the park. Me sitting across from you micromanaging your every bite.

I love real world submission and have often practiced these public games with those I especially enjoy. Now may be the time to widen those creative booking opportunities. While this would never fully replace playing in Sub Rosa, it is meant to offer both myself and my submissives alternatives to catching up on the phone while still being safe.

I’ve done a lot of talking to other Domina’s about what they will be doing to feel safe. I would love to hear from clients, both my regular submissives, as well as prospective newbies about what you would need to feel safe. What can you do to make your Domina feel safe seeing you?

Sex Scandal Prevention

Diaper Humiliation PDX

Several of you have mentioned missing my Sex Scandal Prevention site, so I’ve used my quarantine time to bring it back. Sex Scandal Prevention was started as a place to post my blackmail roleplay pictures and stories. During quarantine it’s proving a very fun way to play with consensual non-consent and public humiliation. Two of my favorite pastimes.

Photos go up – generally with a good portion of the identity hidden. Demands are made. When demands are met, the photos are taken down. Usually. If the demands are not met, a new version of the photo is released to the site – generally allowing a little bit more of the identity to show through. The general rule with the site are that as soon as the game is over, the images come down, although sometimes a few may be left up as a “warning” to others.

It never seems to scare you away though, does it.

The thrill of my having real life, tangible control over you can be intoxicating. Often, the demand or humiliating act I make you do isn’t as the fun bit. It’s that time in between when the photo (or other incriminating evidence) goes up and when I finally use my pull to force you into action.

It’s that deliciously dangerous time, waiting, knowing I have the info, knowing I will eventually use it, but not knowing when, how, or what you will be doing.

It’s the ultimate in loss of control. It’s mind fuckery at it’s finest.

Shall we play?

Disclaimer: I only do this kind of play with people who have requested it. As with all play, limits and interests are negotiated beforehand. Yes. I can negotiate this type of play and still fuck with your mind to the point where you will lay awake at night. I’m that good.

And let’s face it. You are weak when you are turned on. You make it easy for me.

Sun Salutations for Submissives

Sun Salutations for Sissy Sluts
Sun Salutations for Sissy Sluts

Hello my lovely cocksuckers!

This is the beginning of a project that I have been working on for a while – Yoga for Submissives. Many of you ask, when we talk about goals for long term sub training, to have a fitness goal. I am a huge fan of yoga and what it can do for your body – strengthen, lengthen, increase flexibility and lower stress. And every time I am in class, listening to the instructor guide us through breathing and meditation practices and encouraging us to push ourselves into increasingly perverted shapes, I started to think of my sissy sluts, and how much I would LOVE to see some of you take yoga and increase your flexibility for MY amusement. After talking to other Mistresses and finding that they too would love fit flexible subs, I decided to see if there was an interest from you sluts. Are you all talk? Or ready for action?

These recordings are meant for all sissy subs, not just my Pink Posse of Sluts. This one in particular is meant to be part of a daily Goddess Worship ritual, preparing your mind and body to better serve. When you purchase this recording, you will also receive a printable poster (seen above) for your alter to FemDom to help you remember to do this practice daily.

I’m really excited about this project. I love the idea of giving submissives a way to connect with their goddess daily, as well as giving myself, and my dominant friends, flexible submissives who are able to spread wider and wiggle their hips better. Not to mention, a flexible neck will make it easier to go from sucking cock to licking balls with one quick toss of the hair.

Plus? With a more flexible back, maybe you could finally suck your own cock!


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Orgasm Games

Orgasm games are one of my favorite topics, because it doesn’t matter what else you are into, from role play, to edge play, orgasm games can make it hotter.

Orgasm games include activities like tease and denial, edging, chastity as well as ruined orgasms. Tease and denial is exactly what it sounds like. Teasing your partner, denying them, teasing them some more. Chastity is controlling when your partner has access to their genitals, either through the use of rules, trust and self restraint, or through the use of chastity devices. Edging is taking yourself, or your partner, to the brink of orgasm, and backing off again. Edging can last all afternoon, or even span over a couple of days, building up intensity over time with each brink.

Ruining your partners orgasm, gives the person who is teasing, even more control to leverage, because it’s not as simple as yes, you can come, or no you can’t. Ruined orgasms mean the person who is doing the teasing can let the teasee think they are going to FINALLY get to come, then stopping the stimulation just as the orgasm begins.

Yes. That is evil. But it does keep an eager bottom on their toes.

If someone has their orgasm ruined, they tend to lose the ability, but not the urge, to orgasm. It can lead to some frustration, but means they are ready to play again sooner then if you let them orgasm, and they retain a lot of the eagerness built up through tease and denial and edging before their ruined orgasm. Once you ruin it once, they will forever be worried, and even more grateful when you do allow them to come.

I call that a win/win, but I’m an evil succubi. 

All of these games can be combined into a stroke, or wank schedule, where you assign your partner edging and other masturbation games when you can’t be with them in person, or leading up to a big night out.

This can be great for married couples who might have a weekend away from the kids coming up. Planning where you are going to have a kid free dinner is fun, but planning stroke games for each other to play in the shower every morning leading up to the night out will give you something to talk about at that dinner besides the kids. To make that dinner out even more entertaining, check into the hotel, tease and deny each other in the strange new bed, then head out to dinner with your libido abuzz. That just might send you back to the hotel to rip each other cloths off like newly weds before desert. If you are going to do something like this, each person needs to make sure the other has time to complete their assignment. Make a special effort to take the kids while your partner completes their assignment in peace. You will appreciate it later, I promise.

Examples of wank games:

Pull a random card. Each suit represents a different sex toy or activity. The number on the card represents how many minutes you get to do that activity. Jacks mean pull again and double the number. Queens means they can have an orgasm. King means no play time at all. Adjust for you interests etc. Protip: Take the Queens out of the deck without the teasee knowing.

Roll two dice. The first die represents an activity, nipple clamps, butt plug, etc. The second represents how many times they have to brink. I’ve played this with a six sided die for the activity, and a 50 (or higher!) sided die for the number of brinks.

And of course, games like strip poker can be twisted for a fun little D/s play. The first person naked gets a spanking? Or maybe you can keep playing and the first person naked has to wear nipple clamps, then a gag, then a butt plug.

If you want to keep things simple, use the count down method. If date night is 7 days away, have your partner brink 7 times the first day, 6 times the second, 5 the third and so on until they are edging once the day before. For a little extra torment, time it so the day before the big event, they don’t get to brink at all.

Orgasm games create and amazing feedback loop of communication and erotic energy. All of these games stir the sexual pot, while taking the attention off traditional penis in vagina sex. They help bring a sense of playfulness into the bedroom, and aid in communication as each partner learns to talk about what turns them one. And the more turned on you get, the easier it is to talk about what turns you on.

Now go invest in some pretty, pretty dice and a new deck of cards!

Tease, Denial, and Riding the Edge

“BRINK!” He exclaims loudly, pulling his hands back from his crotch where they had, moments before, been stroking furiously. Before the word has cleared the air, his hands are back at their job.

“BRINK!!” He says again, almost immediately after resuming his all important task.

The entire time, his eyes are closed and his face is pressed into the bottom of my stockinged foot. I could be reading a book for all he knows.

Sometimes, out of sheer boredom, I do take a peek at my msgs on my phone.

The only other sound in the dungeon for nearly the entire time he is at my feet is the soft music playing in the background and the sound of my counting each and every one of his “BRINK’s!” During our two hours together, there will be more then a hundred.

Yes – as in, about one a minute.  I’m continually amazed at his endurance.

He books two weeks in advance and I assign him a different number for each of the days before our appointment. He must bring himself to the edge that many times each day. Sometimes they are very low numbers. Anything less then a 5 is EXTREMELY frustrating for an edger, so I love to throw a couple 1’s and 2’s in there. And of course, a couple 40’s or 50’s for real sport. No orgasm is allowed during this time, and as a true fetishist, in preparation for this two week period, he’s usually already gone two or even three weeks with out orgasm.

And at the end of our time together, he will not be allowed to orgasm.  He would probably be physically unable at that point anyway.  Generally towards the end of the session the BRINK! is starting to come slower and slower as exhaustion sets in and his brain finally catches on and decides it doesn’t want to play anymore. Occasionally his erection will even subside – not that that will stop his furious stroking. Even if it did, I would demand he continue. He will be sent home to edge a couple more days before he is finally allowed to release.

What’s your favorite part of Sex? Orgasm? Really? Think about it….

The moment right before you orgasm, you are thinking; “OMFG I’m Gonna Cum!” There’s all the excitement of leaving on any fun exciting adventure. Adrenaline rushes. Blood starts to flow. All your cares in the world are forgotten.

When you are actually cumming, you are moments from the bittersweet end.

Also? When you orgasm, especially men, it’s Game Over. But you can ride that edge… again, and again… and again.. and? Again.

Of course the benefit to me, is that the more wound up you get, the more over taken with desire, and the the end to cum burns within you – and the more I refuse it, the more docile and obedient you will get. The more eager to please. And I do so love it when you are eager to please.

Do you want to please me?

Hypnosis. Submission. Control.

PDX Hypno Domme

You are laying back, listening to my voice. It’s soft, and sensual. It’s telling you to relax. You can’t help by obey. You feel your body sinking, getting heavier. My voice seems further away, yet invasive at the same time. The words run together in a silky suggestive tone and you feel yourself slipping away.

As you wake, you hear me counting, “Four…. three…. two… “

You are incredibly relaxed and a little unsure of how long you’ve been away. You remember the words “silly…. little… sissy…” wrapping around your brain, penetrating it and feel the urge to wiggle your hips.

Silly little sissy…

You pull yourself up on your heels and follow me into the dungeon studying the way I walk, wishing you could more properly emulate my sensual stride. You can’t stop yourself from glancing in the mirror as you walk passed and resist the urge to fix your lipstick.

Sweet  little sissy…

You don’t have to worry about your lipstick, as Mistress forces you on your knees, leans over you, cleavage dangerously close to your face and applies another layer to your lips, making them glisten in the low light of the dungeon.

Slutty little sissy…

She wants to make sure she can see exactly where your lips have been, she says as she guides your mouth to her rather large strap-on. You lick it greedily as that voice, Her voice, continues in your head.

Slutty, cock hungry little sissy. That’s all you can think of, it’s it? 

And strangely, it is.

Brinking Bitchboys

Brinking Bitchboys

There is a new reality. A reality in which men are hunted. Not for their flesh or for their tech skills, but for their orgasms. Women have learned that they can intensify their own orgasms if they steal pleasure from a man, letting him get to the very edge of orgasm, then preventing it and stealing the the pleasure for themselves, leaving the men frustrated, drained and submissive. Men hide in fear of being captured and kept for their special resource. They are called Brinkers. The top Brinkers are cherished. They will have a private room of their own in the Brinkers quarters. A handsome well trained Brinker is often put on display or loaned out.

Once captured, a Brinkers intensive tease and denial training begins. They are fitted with a chastity device complete with an electronic lock. The only way to unlock it is to sit in the Brinkers chair. The Brinkers Chair resembles a birthing chair with restraints on each side for their for wrists and thighs, exposing their swollen cocks.

Once locked into place, the chastity cage is replaced with custom fitted tube that slides over the erect cock. It’s warm, soft and wet like a hungry mouth. A vibration starts inside the tube, running from the tip to the base, and back again. It varies for each Brinker, getting to know the rhythm and pressure that will bring them nearly to the edge the quickest.  There are special sensors that can tell when the Brinker is getting close, and shuts down, applying firm, sometimes painful pressure to the head of the cock in order to stop the orgasm at precisely the right time to bring the most pleasure to the women who own him, their friends, and lovers. This process will be repeated multiple times until the women have had their fill.

At parties, women will display their most cherished Brinkers, or lock them in their Brinkers Chair in the center of the party to let their friends feel the blissfully addictive sensations of a Brinkers ruined orgasm washing over them.

To properly train a Brinker, first they must be broken. This starts with a long period of denial. They are locked away in a trainers device that causes any physical sexual arousal to be, if not impossible, then painful. The soft moans of women having sex is piped in spastically at night. During the day, screens in each room show a variety of different pornographic images and videos. While most prospective Brinkers break within a week, some make it as much as a month or more before they are begging for release.

Once they reach that point, the next level of their training begins.

Sissy maid training. The pink frilly maids uniform, unlike the coveted black and white maids uniform, is a sign that the Brinker has yet to prove his worth. They are the ones that must set up for, and clean up after the orgies, as well as be on hand to distribute lube and sex toys to the women who need them. Sissy maids have no physical contact with the women who own them and are not allowed to speak unless directed. Every Brinker stays at sissy maid status a minimum of six months. This stage helps them learn to properly take care of their Mistress and understand the inner workings of her home. If a Brinker excels as a Sissy maid, they are promoted to full maid status. This includes the formal black and white uniform and more intimate obligations, including bathing and dressing the mistress, as well as cleaning and maintenance of her personal collection of vibrators and sex toys. Maids are not used as Brinkers, but rewarded with an orgasm every month.

After completing sissy maid training, Brinkers are promoted to Bitch Boy. Bitch Boys are used as bottoms anytime one is needed, be it by another Brinker who is putting on a show for his Mistress, or by the Mistress herself should she so desire. Bitch Boys are signified by the gem encrusted plug that they are to wear any time they are out among the general population. Bitch boys are often used as human tables to hold safer sex supplies, hors-d’oeuvre or cocktails during parties.

When a Bitch Boy is exceptionally good at his job, exhibiting exceptionally hungry fuck holes, he is left at Bitch Boy status and given a new plug attached to a jeweled cock cage to wear to signify his special talents. He will still be used as a Brinker, but not nearly as often.

A prospective Brinker who fights it, who never makes it to Sissy Maid Status is sometimes the most fun of all. Women know that all they need to do is continue to deny them, and that eventually they will give in.  It’s not unheard of for a Prospective Brinker to be teased daily and not given any release at all for months on end.  By the time the prospective Brinker is begging to be put to work in his destined vocation, he must start earning his status as a Brinker and prove that their dedication.This means spending twice as much time as a Sissy Maid to fully emasculate him as well as a public spanking.

Most Prospective Brinkers realize, that once captured, that the life of a Brinker is not as horrible as they had feared. They are treated as prized pets and as long as they behave, and make their Mistress happy, life is different, but very good.

This story, read by Yours Truly is now available as an audio file through NiteFlirts.

Also featured in the above photos is Miss Evangeline Grey and Miss Penny Barber.

TPE Office Roleplay


While I’ve never enjoyed working in a traditional office, total power exchange office roleplay is a BIG fetish of mine. Are you a boss in dire need of a demotion?

His secretaries always put up with his shit. Always. They put up with the leering and the inappropriate comments. They put up with his thinly veiled, rampant pornography use. The covered for his “appointments” with beautiful escorts who visited his office during business hours. They always put up with this because they were paid well, and the work load, other then covering for his sexual deviances, was light.

But Miss Strange was different. She was tall, busty with flaming red hair and pale skin, just as many of his previous secretaries had been, including the one she was replacing. But when he made the comment about her melons, she looked him in the eye and asked “Is that appropriate workplace behavior? It’s not even a witty line.”

Her direct reply took the fun out of it. He liked to watch them turn and blush. He retired to his office to answer email and phone calls. It wasn’t long before he was distracted by a naughty email from one of his favorite escorts. A visit from her would be a welcome distraction, so immediately replied that yes, he would love to see her that afternoon.

Miss Strange announced her arrival and offered the two of them coffee. He smiled and made a smart ass remark about Lola having everything he needed as he smacked his friend on the ass and closed the door in Miss Strange’s face. The sound of muffled giggles followed – as well as the muffled sound of something entirely not work related.

Miss Strange returned to her desk to work. She looked on silently when he walked Lola passed her to the elevator an hour later. Every day that week, another escort would show up, followed by giggles and muffled moaning. By the end of the week, Miss Strange didn’t even look up from her desk when he walked them out. She just smiled knowingly.

He thought that perhaps now Miss Strange understood how things worked around here. He thought that perhaps now Miss Strange would realize that her real job, was to stand between him and his good time, and upper management.

He was wrong.

He returned to his office, leaving the door cracked and returned to business. A short while later Miss Strange entered his office and shut the door behind her. “I supposed you expect me to perform those duties as well?” she said as she looked him dead in the eye while starting to unbutton her matronly top. Her ample cleavage spilled out and she adjusted it for maximum effect.

He paused. He was always careful to steer clear of the secretaries, preferring to bully them and make them blush, but perhaps, just this once?

She walked to his desk, leaned over it, so close he could smell her sensual vanilla perfume. “I see the way you look at me. I’ve also seen your call records. And you know I have access to your email. I see how many women you are juggling. You’re a naughty boy aren’t you.”

He could feel his cock start to swell. “Yes. I am a naughty boy. I’d love to show you how naughty. I could make you feel pleasure you’ve never felt before. I could take my cock and …”

“Why don’t you show me that cock? Can you get it nice and hard? Tell me how you would please me with it.”  she said as she walked around the desk and perched on the edge in front of him so that her skirt, already dangerously short, rode up even further.

She giggled as he fumbled to get his pants down as quickly as possible, He looked ridiculously hopeful. Did he have any idea of what he was getting into? Obviously not.

He started to go on, in great detail and while stroking furiously, about how he would fill her wet pussy with his giant cock. He stood up, letting his pants fall to his ankles and reached for her. She laughed and stepped back. He tried to take a step towards her but was hampered by the pants around his ankles.

“You know you look ridiculous, right?” She said as she stepped back even further.

“What?” He said still stroking his cock.

“I said. You know you look ridiculous. Right? Also. You know that I have a nanny cam in here.” she points to a small device on a shelf across from his desk.  “I put it in here after my first day. It’s been recording everything that happens on your desk and couch. You have made quit a few interesting videos. Stuff I’m sure my friend in human resources will love.”

The blood drained from both heads.

“You bitch! Get the fuck out of my office! You’re fired! You are so fucking fired. Fuck you and  your friend in human resources!”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

He pulls his pants up angrily, ripping the camera from the shelf pulling the wire out of the wall.

“I’m not letting this shit out there. I’m going to destroy this camera.” he says and he throws it to the ground and starts stomping on it.

“Oh, you poor little man. Do you really think that camera had the video on it? Silly boy. Everything that has been recorded has been uploaded to my hard drive at home. My hard drive is backup up to the cloud nightly. It’s technology fun?”

He stands in stunned silence. The gravity of the situation taking hold. “I’m… I… I would never really fire you. You can keep your job. I’m sorry. I’ll clean up my act. I’ll stop seeing escorts here. Just… don’t show anyone that video.”

She smiles. She steps towards him. “Now I think we can come to an agreement. Sit down.” He starts walking back to his desk. “No! Not at your desk. On the floor. At my feet.”

He stands and stares at her.

“If you are going to have a problem following that simple command, there is no way you can follow more more… detailed… requests. I’ve no interest in dealing with someone who can’t follow basic direction.”

“I’m sorry! No. Sitting. See!” He says as he drops to a seated position at her feet. “What kind of more detailed requests?”

“First. I’m going to need you to wear this chastity device.” she says as she hands him a pale pink Holy Trainer. He takes it and examine it. “You will need to text me pictures whenever I request, night or day, to prove that it is still on and intact. I will also examine it weekly so signs of tampering. In the future, your assignments will get more… complicated, but let’s get you accustomed to this first.”

“I wear this… on my cock? It’s not going to fit!”

“Your cock is not nearly as big as you think it is.”

“But what if I have a date? Or want to, you know… pleasure myself.”

“You won’t have any dates. And I’m in control of when, and if you are allowed to pleasure yourself.”

“How will I sleep in it? Pee with it?”

“You will get used to it. And you will get used to sitting when you pee. It will be good for you. I’m going to leave you in the office to put it on. The last thing I want to do is touch that shriveled cock. I’ll be back in five minutes. I expect you to be kneeling right there and naked except for that cock cage.”

“But I don’t know how to put it on!” He shouts after her as she walks to the office door.

“You will figure it out.” she says over her shoulder as she shuts the door.