Portland Dominatrix and FemDom Mentor

Welcome perveratti! I am a dominatrix and FemDom mentor based in Portland Oregon. Kink is my passion. I co-own Sub Rosa, a lux private fetish space dedicated to learning about, and indulging in kink and BDSM located not far from downtown PDX. I offer professional domination to sincere submissives and bottoms, as well as BDSM coaching and instruction to femmes and couples. Your taboo fantasies are my playground. I have 20+ years of experience so no matter your interests, I probably have just the experience and toys needed to indulge in them.

Both pretty and smart, I’ve been quoted by Playboy, as well as Business Insider.

Portland Dominatrix Natasha Strange

Sadistic Goddess and FemDom Mentor Princessa Natasha Strange and professional switch Morningstar

Playful Dominatrix

You will suffer for me. You will serve me. And in return, I will transform you, mentally as well as physically.

Power Exchange and Fetish Play

I’m well known for my love of sissification and often have submissives come to PDX from around the country to spend a full day dressed and serving me. I have taught classes on the joys of sissification and gender play to other FemDoms and as well as curious submissives. In 2019 I published sissy sandra’s blog to kindle so you can read the true and delightfully twisted story of our 10+ year D/s relationship.

In addition to sissification, I love bondage, erotic hypnosis, electrical, OTK, impact play and all the tradition BDSM games and thrive on bringing the more taboo games into play as well. Diaper humiliation, age play, gender bending, zentai, strange fetishes and weird roleplays all thrill me. Above all, clear open communication turns me on, so come, confess your most deviant fantasies. Submit here.

Submit to your Desires. Escape into your alternate kinky reality with me.

White Crown
Portland Dominatrix Worship

My Path to Being a Professional Dominatrix

I started working at a fetish and fantasy house just outside of San Francisco called Fantasy Makers in 1994. While I started as a switch, and enjoyed it as a learning experience, I quickly found myself drawn to playing the role as the Dominant Sadistic Goddess – with a wicked sense of humor. I spent twenty years based in San Francisco, much of it working out of the beautiful Maison de la Maitresse. In 2010 I started offering BDSM Education to women and couples and published Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls in 2018. I also had a popular weekly show on O.School. I opened Sub Rosa, a fetish and education space with the illustrious Mistress Viola in 2018 as a place to play, learn and celebrate BDSM.

Portland Dominatrix Natasha Strange

Learn about your kinks. We all have them. Why not indulge?

White Crown
Portland Dominatrix Sensual Sadist

 BDSM Coaching and Education

I believe that all people come to kink and BDSM searching for an emotion or feeling – be it the endorphin high from receiving a long flogging, or spanking, or being the object of desire dressed in silky panties and treated like a cock sucking whore. Whether I’m teaching, playing or coaching, I start with the goal feelings in mind. When working with couples I find that knowing those goal feelings can help two (or more) people understand what their partners are looking for and helps kink feel less overwhelming. Learn more here.